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\ net2o classes

\ Copyright (C) 2015   Bernd Paysan

\ This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
\ it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
\ the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
\ (at your option) any later version.

\ This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
\ but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
\ GNU Affero General Public License for more details.

\ You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
\ along with this program.  If not, see <>.

\ job context structure and subclasses


Variable contexts \G contains all command objects

0 Value my-key-default \G default own key

object class
    field: token-table
    value: parent
    value: my-key        \ key used for this context
    field: req?
    field: c-state \ state for checks whether everything is there
    method start-req
    method nest-sig     \ check sig first and then nest
end-class cmd-class \ command interpreter
' noop cmd-class to start-req
:noname ( addr u -- flag ) 2drop -1 ; cmd-class to nest-sig

Variable cmd-table
Variable reply-table
Variable log-table
Variable setup-table
Variable connect-table
Variable ack-table
Variable msging-table
Variable msg-table
Variable term-table
Variable address-table
Variable context-table
Variable key-entry-table
Variable vault-table
Variable pay-table
Variable group-table

Vocabulary mapc

also mapc definitions

cmd-class class
    64value: dest-vaddr
    value: dest-size
    value: dest-raddr
    $value: dest-ivs$
    value: dest-ivsgen
    scvalue: dest-ivslastgen
    scvalue: dest-req   \ -/-                    true if ongoing request
    $value: dest-ivsrest$
    value: dest-timestamps
    value: dest-replies
    \                   sender:                receiver:
    value: dest-top   \ -/-                    sender read up to here
    value: dest-head  \ read up to here        received some
    value: dest-tail  \ send from here         received all
    value: dest-back  \ flushed on destination flushed
    field: dest-end   \ -/-                    true if last chunk
    field: do-slurp
    method free-data
    method regen-ivs
    method handle
    method rewind-timestamps
    method rewind-partial
end-class code-class
' drop  code-class to regen-ivs
' noop  code-class to rewind-timestamps
' 2drop code-class to rewind-partial

code-class class
    field: data-resend# \ resend tokens; only for data
    value: send-ack#
end-class data-class

code-class class
    field: data-ackbits
    field: data-ackbits-buf
    field: data-ack#     \ fully acked bursts
    field: ack-bit#      \ actual ack bit
    field: data-resend#-buf
    scvalue: ack-advance?  \ ack is advancing state
end-class rcode-class

rcode-class class
    value: rec-ack#
end-class rdata-class

previous definitions

cmd-class class
    field: timing-stat
    field: track-timing
    field: flyburst
    field: flybursts
    field: timeouts
    field: window-size \ packets in flight
    64field: rtdelay \ ns
    64field: last-time
    64field: lastack \ ns
    64field: recv-tick
    64field: ns/burst
    64field: last-ns/burst
    64field: bandwidth-tick \ ns
    64field: next-tick \ ns
    64field: extra-ns
    64field: slackgrow
    64field: slackgrow'
    64field: lastslack
    64field: min-slack
    64field: max-slack
    64field: time-offset  \ make timestamps smaller
    64field: lastdeltat
end-class ack-class

cmd-class class
    field: silent-last#
end-class msging-class

cmd-class class{ msg
    $10 +field dummy
    $value: name$ \ group name
    $value: id$
    $value: msg$  \ decrypted message
    field: peers[]
    field: keys[]
    field: log[]
    field: mode
    \ mode bits:
    1 4 bits: otr# redate# lock# visible#
    : bit-ops: ( bit -- )
        parse-name [{: d: name :}l name rot [: emit type ;] $tmp nextname ;]
	{: xt: gen-name :}
	'+' gen-name create dup , [: @        mode or!  ;] set-does>
	'-' gen-name create dup , [: @ invert mode and! ;] set-does>
	'?' gen-name create     , [: @ mode @ and 0<>   ;] set-does> ;
    otr#     bit-ops: otr
    redate#  bit-ops: redate
    lock#    bit-ops: lock
    visible# bit-ops: visible

    method start
    method tag
    method chain
    method signal
    method re
    method text
    method object
    method id
    method action
    method coord
    method otrify
    method payment
    method url
    method like
    method lock
    method unlock
    method away
    method end
    method display   \ display one message
    method redisplay \ display full set
    method .nobody   \ show nobody is online

cmd-class class{ pay
    field: sources[]    \ all the sources stored here, an array
    field: sinks[]      \ all the signatures stored here, an array
    field: assets[]     \ all selected assets (array [asset,amount]*)
    field: balances[]   \ all balances (amount[asset])
    value: current-pk
    value: current-asset
    method last-contract
    method source
    method sink
    method asset
    method obligation
    method amount
    method comment
    method #source
    method balance
    method finalize

begin-structure wallet
    field: contract#
    field: assets[]
    field: amounts[]
    field: $comments[]
    field: $sig

\ object/reference types

scope{ msg
enum image#
enum thumbnail#
enum patch#
enum snapshot#
enum message#
enum posting#   \ dvcs project, posting
enum files#     \ dvcs project, files
enum chatlog#   \ chatlog of instant messages
enum timeline#  \ chatlog of postings
enum loggroups# \ logs of logs

scope: invit
enum none#
enum pend#
enum qr#

cmd-class class
    \ callbacks
    defer: timeout-xt    \ callback for timeout
    defer: setip-xt      \ callback for set-ip
    defer: ack-xt        \ callback for acknowledge
    defer: punch-done-xt \ callback for NAT traversal ok
    defer: sync-done-xt  \ callback for sync done
    defer: sync-none-xt  \ callback for sync not needed
    \ maps for data and code transfer
    0 +field start-maps
    value: code-map
    value: code-rmap
    value: data-map
    value: data-rmap
    0 +field end-maps
    \ strings
    0 +field start-strings
    field: resend0
    field: data-resend
    field: pubkey        \ other side official pubkey
    field: punch-addrs
    field: rqd-xts       \ callbacks for request done (array)
    field: my-error-id
    field: beacon-hash
    0 +field end-strings
    field: request-gen   \ pre-generated request number
    field: perm-mask
    \ secrets
    0 +field start-secrets
    field: crypto-key
    field: dest-0key     \ key for stateless connections
    0 +field end-secrets
    \ semaphores
    0 +field start-semas
    1 pthread-mutexes +field filestate-sema
    1 pthread-mutexes +field code-sema
    0 +field end-semas
    \ contexts for subclasses
    field: next-context  \ link field to connect all contexts
    field: log-context
    field: ack-context
    field: msging-context
    field: file-state    \ files
    \ rest of state
    field: codebuf#
    field: context#
    field: wait-task
    value: max-timeouts \ initialized with timeouts#
    $10 +field return-address \ used as return address
    $10 +field r0-address \ used for resending 0
    $20 +field punch#
    64field: recv-addr
    field: read-file#
    field: write-file#
    field: residualread
    field: residualwrite
    field: blocksize
    field: blockalign
    field: reqmask \ per connection request mask
    field: reqcount \ per connection request count (for non cookie-requests)
    field: request#
    field: filereq#
    field: file-count \ open file count
    field: file-reg#  \ next file id to request
    field: data-b2b
    value: ack-resends#
    cfield: ack-state
    cvalue: ack-receive
    cvalue: ack-resend~
    cvalue: req-codesize
    cvalue: req-datasize

    scvalue: key-setup?     \ true if key setup is done
    cvalue: invite-result# \ invitation result
    cvalue: closing?
    \ flow control, sender part

    64field: next-timeout \ ns
    64field: resend-all-to \ ns
    \ flow control, receiver part
    64field: burst-ticks
    64field: firstb-ticks
    64field: lastb-ticks
    64field: delta-ticks
    64field: max-dticks
    64field: last-rate
    \ experiment: track previous b2b-start
    64field: last-rtick
    64field: last-raddr
    field: acks
    field: received
    \ cookies
    field: last-ackaddr
    \ statistics
    KEYBYTES +field tpkc
    KEYBYTES +field tskc
end-class context-class

cmd-class class
    scope: host
    field: pri#
    field: id
    lfield: ipv4
    $10 +field ipv6
    wfield: portv4
    wfield: portv6
    field: anchor \ net2o anchor (is a pubkey)
    field: route  \ net2o route
    field: revoke \ is a revoke path
    field: key    \ psk for connection setup
    field: ekey   \ ephemeral key a la MinimaLT
    64field: ekey-to \ ephemeral key timeout
end-class address-class

\ cookies

object class
    64field: cc-timeout
    field: cc-context
    KEYBYTES +field cc-secret
end-class con-cookie

con-cookie >osize @ Constant cookie-size#

\ permissions

bit perm%connect    \ not set for banned people
bit perm%blocked    \ set for banned people - makes sure one bit is set
bit perm%dht        \ can write into the DHT
bit perm%msg        \ can send messages
bit perm%filerd     \ can read files
bit perm%filewr     \ can write files
bit perm%filename   \ can access named files
bit perm%filehash   \ can access files by hash
bit perm%socket     \ can access sockets
bit perm%terminal   \ can access terminal
bit perm%termserver \ can access termserver
bit perm%sync       \ is allowed to sync
bit perm%indirect   \ force indirect connection

perm%connect perm%dht perm%msg perm%filerd perm%filehash or or or or Value perm%default
perm%connect perm%dht perm%indirect or or Value perm%dhtroot
perm%blocked perm%indirect or Value perm%unknown
perm%blocked perm%indirect or invert Value perm%myself
Create perm$ ," cbdmrwnhstvyi"

\ QR tags

scope: qr
enum ownkey#
enum key#
enum keysig#
enum hash#
enum sync#    \ sychnronizing info: key+secret
enum payment# \ payment is value+cointype+wallet

\ timestasts structure

begin-structure timestats
sfvalue: ts-delta
sfvalue: ts-slack
sfvalue: ts-reqrate
sfvalue: ts-rate
sfvalue: ts-grow

\ io per-task variables

user-o io-mem

object uclass io-mem
    pollfd 4 *      uvar pollfds \ up to four file descriptors
    sockaddr_in     uvar sockaddr< \ incoming socket
    sockaddr_in     uvar sockaddr> \ outgoing socket
    sockaddr_in     uvar sockaddr1
    [IFDEF] no-hybrid
	sockaddr_in uvar sockaddr2
    file-stat       uvar statbuf
    cell            uvar ind-addr
    cell            uvar task#
    $F + -$10 and \ align by $10
    maxdata         uvar aligned$
    $10             uvar cmdtmp
    $10             uvar return-addr
    $10             uvar temp-addr
    timestats       uvar stat-tuple
    maxdata 2/ key-salt# + key-cksum# + uvar init0buf
    cell            uvar code0-buf^
    cell            uvar code-buf^
    cell            uvar code-buf$^
    cell            uvar code-key^
    \ vault variables
    cell            uvar enc-filename
    cell            uvar enc-file
    cell            uvar enc-fd
    cell            uvar enc-padding
    cell            uvar key-list
    \ mapping buffers
    1 64s           uvar new-code-s
    1 64s           uvar new-code-d
    1 64s           uvar new-data-s
    1 64s           uvar new-data-d
    cell            uvar new-code-size
    cell            uvar new-data-size
    cell            uvar do-keypad
    cell            uvar tmp-ivs
    cell            uvar tmp-pubkey
    cell            uvar tmp-my-key
    cell            uvar tmp-perm
    cell            uvar $error-id
end-class io-buffers

\ reply structure

begin-structure reply
    field: reply-len
    field: reply-offset
    64field: reply-dest
    64field: reply-time
    defer: reply-xt  \ execute when receiving an ok
    defer: send-xt   \ executed to (re)send a message
    value: reply-tag \ pointer to reply tag
\    field: reply-timeout# \ per-reply timeout counter
\    field: reply-timeout-xt \ per-reply timeout xt

\ address to index computations

: addr>bits ( addr -- bits )
    chunk-p2 rshift ;
: addr>bytes ( addr -- bytes )
    [ chunk-p2 3 + ]L rshift ;
: bytes>addr ( bytes addr -- )
    [ chunk-p2 3 + ]L lshift ;
: bits>bytes ( bits -- bytes )
    1- 2/ 2/ 2/ 1+ ;
: bytes>bits ( bytes -- bits )
    3 lshift ;
: addr>ts ( addr -- ts-offset )
    addr>bits 64s ;
: addr>64 ( addr -- ts-offset )
    [ chunk-p2 3 - ]L rshift -8 and ;
: addr>replies ( addr -- replies )
    addr>bits reply * ;
: addr>keys ( addr -- keys )
    max-size^2 rshift [ min-size negate ]L and ;

\ net2o header structure

begin-structure net2o-header
    1 +field hdrflags
    1 +field hdrtags
   16 +field destination
    8 +field mapaddr

\ key class

cmd-class class
    field: ke-sk       \ secret key
    field: ke-pk       \ public key
    field: ke-rsk      \ revoke secret (temporarily stored)
    field: ke-wallet   \ wallet
    field: ke-type     \ key type
    field: ke-nick     \ key nick
    field: ke-nick#    \ to avoid colissions, add a number here
    field: ke-pets[]   \ key petnames
    field: ke-pets#    \ to avoid colissions, add a number here
    field: ke-prof     \ profile object
    field: ke-avatar   \ avatar object
    field: ke-chat     \ chat group for 1:1 chat with that person
    field: ke-selfsig
    field: ke-sigs[]
    field: ke-imports  \ bitmask of key import
    field: ke-[]1
    field: ke-[]2
    field: ke-[]3
    field: ke-[]4
    field: ke-sec1
    field: ke-sec2
    64field: ke-#1
    64field: ke-#2
    64field: ke-#3
    64field: ke-#4
\ other fields
    field: ke-storekey \ used to encrypt on storage
    field: ke-mask     \ permission mask
    field: ke-groups   \ permission groups
    64field: ke-offset \ offset in key file
    field: ke-pwlevel  \ password strength level
    field: ke-sksig    \ signature secret, computed, never stored
    0 +field ke-end
end-class key-entry

\ key related  constants

64 Constant state#
state# 2* Constant state2#
KEYBYTES Constant keysize \ our shared secred is only 32 bytes long
KEYBYTES 2* Constant keysize2 \ pubkey+revkey=64 bytes

: key| ( size -- size' ) keysize umin ;
: key2| ( size -- size' ) keysize2 umin ;

\ specify strength (in bytes), not length! length is 2*strength
32 Constant hash#128 \ 128 bit hash strength is enough!
64 Constant hash#256 \ 256 bit hash strength is more than enough!

\ group description

cmd-class class{ groups
    $value: id$ \ is the pubkey
    field: member[]
    field: admin     \ secret key, only known to the admins
    64value: perms#

Local Variables:
     (("net2o:" "+net2o:") definition-starter (font-lock-keyword-face . 1)
      "[ \t\n]" t name (font-lock-function-name-face . 3))
       non-immediate (font-lock-type-face . 2)
       "[ \t\n]" t name (font-lock-variable-name-face . 3))
     ("[a-z0-9]+(" immediate (font-lock-comment-face . 1)
      ")" nil comment (font-lock-comment-face . 1))
     (("class{") definition-starter (font-lock-keyword-face . 1)
      "[ \t\n]" t name (font-lock-function-name-face . 3))
     (("}class") definition-ender (font-lock-keyword-face . 1))
     (("net2o:" "+net2o:") (0 . 2) (0 . 2) non-immediate)
     (("class{") (0 . 2) (0 . 2))
     (("}class") (-2 . 0) (0 . -2))