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Artifact 514820203736ecc6f96e08b4a1378aa3ba37cce8:

The Keccak sponge function, designed by Guido Bertoni, Joan Daemen,
Micha√ęl Peeters and Gilles Van Assche. For more information, feedback or
questions, please refer to our website:

Implementation by Ronny Van Keer,
hereby denoted as "the implementer".

To the extent possible under law, the implementer has waived all copyright
and related or neighboring rights to the source code in this file.

#ifndef _Keccak_compact_h_
#define _Keccak_compact_h_

#include "Keccak-compact8-settings.h"

/*	Only Keccak-F1600 is supported	*/
#define	cKeccakB	1600

int crypto_hash( unsigned char *out, const unsigned char *in, unsigned long long inlen );

** API with a message queue

typedef unsigned char BitSequence;
typedef unsigned long long DataLength;
typedef enum { SUCCESS = 0, FAIL = 1, BAD_HASHLEN = 2 } HashReturn;

typedef struct hashStateStruct 
	unsigned char	state[cKeccakB / 8];
	unsigned char bytesInQueue;
	unsigned char	trailingBitsInQueue;
} hashState;

HashReturn Init(hashState *state);

HashReturn Update(hashState *state, const BitSequence *data, DataLength databitlen);

HashReturn Final(hashState *state, BitSequence *hashval, int hashbytelen);