33c3 #wefixthenet videos
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CC-SA-BY 4.0 video recording by Bernd Paysan, we won't send you a costly cease&desist letter and certainly not drag you to LG Humbug if you don't attribute correctly, unless you work for Waldorf&Frommer...

Works for me

Encoding is 720p30 (from 1080p60 raw) webm VP9/Opus (preferred, if your browser can do it) and mp4 h.264_high+aac (second choice, a bit more noisy, but patented) but no longer ogv Theora/Vorbis, because it's twice the size of the other two (if you have a dated browser please update!). The videos work for me, tested on:

Apart from Safari and Edge, all choose webm vp9+opus.

Doesn't work for me

Last year's #YBTI session