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Using net2o as social network

When Google+ shut down, I took the opportunity to accelerate my plans on running social networks over net2o. How does a social network over a peer2peer network look like and what's the challenge?

Data structure of social network postings

Importing data from other networks

One thing that is annoying with new networks is that they start all empty. You leave all your postings behind in the old network. But the GDPR allows to take out data, and if everything is fine, it's possible to convert that data.

I wrote an importer for Google+, which is mostly complete by now, and also started with, Twitter, and Facebook importers. Other importers will follow.

Connecting to other social networks

While in general, a connector to a plattform is a bad idea, for social networks, where publicity matters, connectors can have some place, at least for the transition period. Though I have not attempted to actually write one; but at least for networks that have an API, you could import feeds into net2o, and (with severe limitations) crosspost from net2o.