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# Nettie, the mascot #

The net2o logo is a little squid called "nettie", related to "net" as
well as to the German word "nett", which means "nice", "friendly" and
"cute" (and more positive things).


Nettie is a little squid, and only very remotely related to the big
data kraken, the cannibalistic arch enemy of nettie:


(image from the NRO, one of the more than 20 members of the
intelligence community of the USA) which harvests all your data (read
the lower part of the badge). Nettie is small and nice, and needs very
little data to survive, it's not big and dangerous.

Like any squid, it can eject ink and go dark.

Nettie is artwork, and covered by copyright.  Where it is part of
net2o, you can use it under AGPLv3.  It is not covered as trademark,
but since I've been using it for years now, don't you dare registering
it as trademark; it is a de facto trademark, and protected against
fraudulent registration.  I don't want to exercise this sort of
control.  Any product which implements net2o, or provides services
using net2o can use this logo.  If you don't use the AGPLv3 for your
net2o implementation or services, you have to ask for permission,